RYAL Research Institute on Moshiach and the Sciences

The Swords into Plowshares Project

You have seen my first book Scientific Thought in Messianic Times. I am now writing a follow-up book titled Swords into Plowshares documenting the transformation of military technology and resources into peaceful uses since 1992 (after the end of the Cold War). This is an expansion of and an update of Chapter III of my first book on this topic.

I feel that it is extremely important that this book be written and published as many people are discouraged by what they see going on in the world now and showing them the positive side - that "the glass is more than half full" will be very encouraging and uplifting. In fact we believe that this is a Messianic phenomenon - the prophecy of Isaiah being fulfilled - and that the glass will soon be full.

Send me any articles or pictures you may find related to the transformation of military technology or resources to peaceful uses. Send them to Moshiach.science@gmail.com. You will be credited in the book for any material used.

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